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Sometimes when a person is convicted of a crime, one of the sentences the judge may impose is probation. Probation is the suspension of a jail sentence. With probation, instead of having to serve out your sentence in jail, you are permitted to return to your normal life as long as you adhere to the terms of your probation.

If you successfully abide by the terms set forth by the judge at the end of your probation, you will be free to carry forth with your life. However, if you violate any of the terms of your probation, you will be required to appear back in court and likely face additional legal consequences. If you are facing charges for violating your probation, our criminal defense attorneys at Knowles Law Firm, PLC, are here to help provide legal counsel.

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Ways to Violate Probation

Probation violations occur anytime a person violates the terms of probation outlined by the judge. These terms set rules and guidelines that must be abide by throughout the duration of the probation sentence.

Some of the most common types of probation violations include:

  • Committing other criminal offenses while on probation
  • Associating with other criminals
  • Spending time in locations prohibited by the judge
  • Failing to check in with the judge or probation officer
  • Failing to appear in court at a schedule date and time
  • Failing to submit to regular drug testing required by the judge
  • Failing to pay court fees or fines
  • Failing to comply with a court order

If you are faced with a probation violation, it’s important to contact an experienced Phoenix probation violations lawyer as soon as possible. If you do not address your probation violation, you could be sent back to jail or be sentenced to larger fines, a stricter probation sentence, additional hours of community service, and more. Phoenix probation violation lawyer Anthony Knowles can help you take the necessary legal action to avoid this.

What Happens If You Violate Probation?

An arrest or bench warrant will be issued once an individual has violated the terms of his or her probation. This will require the individual to appear before a judge. Phoenix probation violation lawyer Anthony Knowles has assisted countless individuals facing probation violations during his years in practice. When you retain Mr. Knowles, he can assess your circumstances, prepare your case, and represent you in court.

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Mr. Knowles is committed to aggressively negotiating with the judge and prosecutors for a dismissal or reduction, so you can avoid jail and continue to carry on with your life.

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