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About Elder Abuse & Mistreatment in Arizona

Thousands of Americans place their elderly family members in nursing homes or have in-home care provided by professionals to care for their loved ones when they can no longer take care of themselves. We all expect that these homes or professionals will take the utmost care of our loved ones, providing them with dignity and respect. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Elder abuse occurs with increasing frequency, especially as more and more of our population ages.

This abuse can take many forms including neglect, over-medication, bed sores, malnutrition, dehydration, actual physical injuries and even death. When you find a loved one may have been abused, a lawyer from Knowles Law Firm, PLC can assist you in protecting the rights of your family. Ensure you do not delay in taking action; the well-being of your elderly family member could be at risk.

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Forms of Abuse & Neglect

Reasons for elder abuse are many, but often are caused by reasons that could easily be avoided. Lack of staffing, improper medical or nutritional services, or just cost cutting can all lead to hardships on our elderly. Some forms of elder abuse can occur in different locations, depending on where your family member is being cared for.

These can include:

  • Abuse By Caregivers
    If you have your loved one being provided in-home care, it can occur that you have someone taking care of your family member that is unlicensed, untrained or unqualified to do so. This can lead to inadequate feeding, injuries caused by moving the elderly person improperly or even actual physical or mental abuse due to lack of the proper temperament from the care giver for this type of duty.
  • Nursing Home Abuse
    Nursing homes can be understaffed or hire inexperienced caregivers. This can lead to improper medication being supplied, neglect, inadequate feeding, improper hygiene and actual physical and mental abuse caused by personnel who have no business as caregivers.
  • Hospital Elder Neglect
    As with nursing homes, when your elder is in a hospital they can receive inadequate care due to lack of staffing. Many times in a busy hospital setting the elderly are neglected due to other more pressing patients who require more attention. The elderly can be uncared for, with not enough attention paid to their daily needs, such as hygiene, adequate nutrition if they can't feed themselves, incorrect or too much medication, or not enough medication. Bed sores can develop in those that are not properly handled, leading to dangerous infections.
  • Elder Financial Abuse and Fraud
    In addition to physical harm, there is the abuse of the elderly when unscrupulous people try to take advantage of their confusion or weakness to deceive them financially. These actions can take place over the internet through money scams or in person. Sometimes certain family members can attempt to defraud the elderly of their money trying to get them labeled as incompetent or senile.

Untreated Bed Sores

One of the largest injuries that can result from careless behavior such as this is those of bed sores. Bed sores, also referred to as pressure sores, occur when someone who is bed ridden does not get moved and get the relief that they deserve. This constant pressure, especially on the vulnerable parts of the body such as buttocks, elbows and heels, can manifest into damaged skin where circulation is cut off. These lesions are painful and can be fatal, which is unfortunate as they are easily preventable and treatable if the right care and attention are given to the victims.


While dehydration carries with it detrimental effects in a person of any age, this is never truer than when the victim is elderly. Dehydration can cause anything from headaches, dizziness, an impaired immune system and low blood pressure. If you believe that your loved one is suffering from something of this nature, and not symptoms such as confusion, sunken eyes or the like, do not waste time in contacting an attorney to begin evaluating the case and seeking the necessary level of compensation.

Phoenix Lawyer Protecting Nursing Home Abuse Victims

It is unfortunate that damage that has been done to victims of dehydration can never be totally reversed, you should not fail to hold the facility accountable for the suffering that they have caused. By doing so, you not only can receive the compensation that you and your love one deserve, you can also assist in making sure that no other party has to suffer in a similar fashion from such nursing home abuse.

Why Hire a Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer?

If your loved one has been victimized by nursing home abuse and suffered from such injuries as bed sores, it is in your best interest to take the necessary steps towards protecting their rights by contacting an experienced Phoenix injury attorney as quickly as possible.

At the Knowles Law firm, their legal team is experienced in cases such as this and know the complex legalities that something of this nature entails. With comprehensive, dynamic legal footwork, they can take the necessary steps towards protecting your loved one's rights and gaining them the compensation that they deserve.

Contact a Phoenix nursing home abuse attorney today to receive your initial case consultation if your loved one has been the victim of bed sores.


Proper nutrition is a vital part of any nursing home facility, and when we place our loved ones into their care, we are trusting that they will do everything in their power to ensure that their patients remain healthy and watched over. Whether due to negligence or too small of a budget, it is unfortunate that not all those watched over by these facilities receive the nutrition that they require. This can have a devastating impact on their life and can cause anything from infection, physical weakness, impaired immune system and the like.

If you believe that your loved one has suffered in such a way, you should not hesitate to contact a knowledgeable Phoenix personal injury attorney. Not only should facilities be held accountable for their negligent, abusive behavior, but your loved one should not go without the proper level of compensation. The damage caused can never be totally reversed, but with the proper, aggressive legal footwork, you can make sure that they do not go without the relief they deserve.

Why Hire a Nursing Home Abuse Attorney in Phoenix?

At Knowles Law Firm, PLC, their legal team is compassionate to the delicate nature of cases involving nursing home abuse. You cannot always be there and you are trusting this facility to care for your loved one in a manner similar to how you would. When this trust is taken advantage of, it can leave you feeling angry, frightened and overwhelmed. You, however, do not have to handle this on your own. If you choose to seek the legal assistance from an attorney that you can trust, you can begin to take the necessary steps towards protecting the rights and future of your loved one.

Discuss Your Case with a Compassionate Lawyer

The elderly have the right to live their remaining life in peace, with dignity and respect. Don't let anyone take advantage of your loved one. If you suspect your elderly relative has been abused, consult with the Knowles Law Firm, PLC to determine what you and your family's right are. Their legal team strongly believes in fair treatment for all seniors and will work with your family to get compensation for any injury, pain or suffering your loved one has been put through. They have successfully assisted numerous clients and are committed to doing the same for you.

For assistance in a nursing home abuse case involving malnutrition, do not hesitate to contact a Phoenix nursing home abuse lawyer today.

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