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Millions of people enjoy the loving companionship a dog brings, and considers dogs to be one of the most loyal, loving, and friendliest of all animals. Although many dogs are extremely friendly in nature, there are numerous instances where a dog has turned and bitten or attacked someone.

If you or someone in your family has been bitten by a dog, you have the right to seek monetary compensation. Dog owners are held legally responsible if their dog injuries, harms, or kills a human being. All dog owners have both a legal and ethical obligation to exercise caution and make sure their dogs are restrained, especially if the owner is aware that a dog has aggressive tendencies or behavior.

An experienced Phoenix dog bite attorney at Knowles Law Firm, PLC can prepare your case and help you take legal steps to recover damages. If they successfully resolve your case, you will be awarded damages for your pain and suffering, psychological distress, medical & rehabilitative expenses, lost wages, and decreased quality of life.

Severity of Dog Bite Injuries

What’s interesting about dog bites is that it's not necessarily their teeth that cause these injuries; it is the strength of their jaw muscles and the pressure that is used that causes the wounds. Because of the extreme strength that a dog can have in their mouth, as a person’s skin is punctured, there can be nerves that are damaged as well as bones. Due to instances like this, around 15-20 deaths are caused by dog attacks each year. Around 30,000 people also get reconstructive surgeries because of the damage done.

A dog bite can lead to a number of devastating and painful injuries that could result in long-lasting damage to the victim, such as:

In addition, many dog bite victims become emotionally scarred and psychologically traumatized.

Most Common Places of Dog Attacks

It is common for people to think the greatest risk for dog bites or attacks is at the park or when you are walking outside, and yet what most people don’t realize is that the greatest danger is within their own home. Most dog attacks happen when something causes them to panic or when there are multiple dogs in the home; territory invasion can cause a lot of conflict between animals. Interestingly, statistics show that men are more likely to be attacked by a dog, while woman are more likely to be attacked by cats.

Children Are Most at Risk for Dog Bites

Within the statistics of who is at risk for dogs bites, it is narrowed down even more so to children, who are at the greatest risk. Children who are between ages 5 and 9 are the most likely to be bitten, but the reasons for this can vary; perhaps because they are the most curious about touching and playing with animals and aren’t quite old enough to realize the dangers. As children are much smaller in size, and are prone to worse injuries than adults, it tends to be the child cases that result in hospital visits as well.

Tips on How to Prevent a Dog Attack

Here are a few ways that you can prevent a dog bite, according to the CDC:

  • Never approach a dog you don’t know, even if they look like a sweet animal. You never know when they will bite or attack. A common misconception is that if a dog shows aggression or attacks that running away and screaming will help. While it may be a way to express your fear, it is only going to prompt the dog to attack again or get more defensive. As a parent, if you see stray dogs in your neighborhood, report them immediately. This will not only protect yourself and your children from a possible attack, but it may help a family who is looking for their lost pet.
  • Wait for the dog to see and smell you first, and don’t sneak up on it. When you are approaching an animal, try to avoid direct eye contact, especially for a long period of time if you don’t know the dog. Many animals feel threatened by prolonged eye contact, and can view it as a challenge. Most importantly, teach your children that if they are bitten to tell an adult immediately. Take time to warn and prepare your children about the ways to stay safe around animals. While it may seem obvious, it is important for their safety to be aware of the possible risks at hand.
  • Before welcoming a new dog into your home, consult your local veterinarian or a responsible breeder to determine what the best types of dogs to have inside a home, particularly when children are involved. Look into the history of the dog breed you plan on purchasing, if there are signs or reports of aggression, those dogs are not suggested to become house pets .Make sure that it has receive all of its shots, in the event of a bite it will protect your family from diseases. Also having your dog spayed or neutered will help decrease aggressiveness in the dog as well.

What You Should Do After Suffering a Dog Bite Injury

  • First, you should get the victim to a safe place – one that is far away from the dog. It is often hard to tell the severity of the damage caused by a dog bite, and it is encouraged that the individual be taken to receive medical attention. Meanwhile, make sure the wounds are cleaned and that the injury is elevated.
  • Next, you should find out if the animal has received its rabies vaccinations. If not, you should discuss this with your physician immediately. This tends to be more common when there are stray dog attacks; most home animals receive their shots when they are purchased, though it is not always a guarantee. If you are unsure, this information can be gathered by animal control or law enforcement at the time you report the attack.
  • Talk to an attorney about seeking compensation. Medical bills can be costly, so it is important that you are able to seek the compensation you need to heal physically and emotionally.

Were You Attacked by a Dog in Phoenix, AZ?

With years of experience under their belt, their legal team has a deep understanding of the Arizona personal injury laws that pertain to dog bites, and has countlessly utilized that knowledge to help many clients file successful dog bite claims. As in any personal injury case, proving negligence is key to winning a dog bite lawsuit.

Their legal team will work tirelessly to investigate the events leading up to the attack, collect convincing evidence, and consult both animal and accident experts. In the courtroom, they always negotiate for the largest settlements possible, and will not settle until a figure has been reached that will provide clients with financial resources they need to treat their injuries and cover their additional expenses both now and in the future.

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