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Arizona's Trespassing Laws

A criminal trespassing charge entails someone unlawfully entering a house or residence belonging to another person. It can also involve entering vacant land or other property marked "no trespassing". Although it may not sound like a very serious crime, if one enters someone's residence illegally the charge could be a felony, depending on certain circumstances.

Arizona trespassing laws are divided in the following 3 classifications:

  • First degree – You may be found guilty of criminal trespass in the 1st degree if you knowingly entered or remained unlawfully in a critical public service facility or residential structure, including a fenced residential yard--this also holds if you looked into the residential structure in reckless disregard of the inhabitant’s privacy. If the property is subject to a valid mineral claim or lease and you trespassed with the intent to hold, work, or explore for minerals, this constitutes a 1st degree charge as well. The law also prohibits you from purposefully desecrating, defacing, burning, or mutilating a religious symbol or property without permission from the owner.
  • Second degree – Criminal trespass in the 2nd degree entails knowingly entering or remaining unlawfully in or on any nonresidential structure or fenced commercial yard.
  • Third degree – If the owner requests you leave or prohibits your entry, yet you enter or remain, you may be charged with criminal trespass in the 3rd degree. This also includes the right-of-way for tracks, storage, switching yards, or rolling stock of a railroad company.

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Arizona Penalties for Trespassing

Criminal trespassing is met with serious consequences, especially in the state of Arizona.

Someone convicted of such a crime could face stiff penalties, which can include the following:

  • Community Service
  • Probation for up to 3 years
  • Fines, surcharges and restitution
  • Jail sentence in a county jail
  • Up to two years in an Arizona State Prison

When facing trespassing charges, involving a lawyer as early in the process as possible is important. Many times a trespassing charge is a simple misunderstanding, where someone may enter property that is not clearly marked or appears vacant. Or a landlord/tenant dispute can result in a tenant accusing a landlord of trespassing. There are many legal strategies our firm can provide you to challenge the charges against you.

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If you or someone you know has been charged with trespassing contact our Phoenix trespassing lawyers right away. With the seriousness of the crime, you face potential jail time or community service. Why take the risk of affecting your future with a criminal record when the Knowles Law Firm, PLC can aggressively and relentlessly fight your charges and seek a dismissal. This legal team understands how concerned you might be feeling, and is here to help eliminate your worry.

When you retain our services you will have a powerful advocate working on your behalf. With years of helping clients in the Phoenix area, the firm has successfully defended many against any trespassing charges.

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