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Charged with Drug Distribution in Phoenix?

Drug distribution (or trafficking) offenses are treated harshly in Arizona. While the laws have been changed to allow those who possess drugs for personal use to have alternatives to jail time, in the case of offenses that are related to the selling of drugs, the law comes down hard.

Drug distribution offenses are felony offenses, and the penalties vary depending upon the type of drug and other factors, such as a prior conviction or if minors were involved. When the drug distribution charge is related to selling drugs to minors, you can expect to spend many years in prison if convicted.

It is critical to get legal representation from a Phoenix drug distribution lawyer at once if you have been arrested and charged with this serious felony drug offense.

Narcotic Drugs, Prescriptions & Dangerous Drugs

Drug distribution is broken down further into three different categories: distribution of narcotic drugs, distribution of prescription-only drugs and distribution of dangerous drugs.

Narcotic Drugs

In the state of Arizona, according to § 13-3408(A)(7) transportation for sale, importing into the state or offering to transport a narcotic drug is a class 2 felony offense. If the amount of narcotic drugs being transported exceeds or meets the statutory threshold amount, then the individual will not be eligible for suspension, probation or pardon until they have served the full extent of their sentence.

Prescription-Only Drugs

Unless a person is authorized to transport for sale, import or offer to transport a prescription-only drug, the individual can be charged with a class 6 felony. Probation is possible in some cases, but only after performing at least 240 hours of community restitution.

Dangerous Drugs

Transportation for sale, importing into the state or offering to transport dangerous drugs for sale is considered a class 2 felony in the state of Arizona per § 13-3407. If the amount of the dangerous drugs exceeds the statutory limit, then the individual will not be eligible for probation or suspension of sentence. There are also specific penalties for meth transportation charges. The minimum penalty for meth transportation is five years and the maximum is 15 years.

If you were arrested for any of these drug offenses, you're going to need serious defense. Thankfully, the Phoenix drug crime lawyers at the firm are experienced in defenses against transportation crimes.

Need a Drug Crime Lawyer in Phoenix?

Attorney Anthony Knowles is a former law enforcement officer and this background experience can be of strong benefit to any client facing such a charge. Law enforcement must operate within specific restrictions in any arrest, search and seizure and other procedures.

When these are violated, it creates an opening for the defense to file court challenges to suppress evidence. Often overzealous police take shortcuts or in their excitement of the "bust" violate the rights of the accused. You can be assured that any such flaw in the case will be fully exploited by a drug distribution defense lawyer from the firm. Each case will be thoroughly reviewed, seeking out the errors in the case against you. The firm has long experience in defending such charges, and takes an aggressive approach to defending drug distribution charges.

When fighting for your freedom, you want to know that your attorney will take your case personally and take every possible defense action on your behalf. At Knowles Law Firm, PLC, the dedicated and talented legal team fights hard to protect the rights of clients and fight to keep them out of jail or prison. Each case is unique and in some cases, negotiations are necessary.

The defense lawyer will seek out any defense option in your case, and will fight hard for your freedom. Contact us today for a FREE consultation!

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