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Taking another person’s life is the most serious crime you can commit. If you have been accused of committing murder or manslaughter, it is imperative that you contact an aggressive and experienced Phoenix murder & manslaughter attorney as soon as possible. The prosecutors and law enforcement agencies involved in your case are going to prosecute you to the fullest extent of the law, and do everything in their power to convict you of the charges.

In their eyes you are already guilty, and they are going to make it their ultimate goal to ensure that you wind up behind bars. Do not leave yourself unprotected during the criminal process. A Phoenix murder and manslaughter attorney from Knowles Law Firm, PLC can protect your rights and tenaciously fight to clear you of your charges.

The Difference Between Murder and Manslaughter

Both murder and manslaughter are defined as criminal offenses in which one person kills another person. However, what differentiates these offenses from each other is whether or not the defendant committed the act with premeditation or malice. In murder and manslaughter cases, premeditation is referred to as “planning” or “plotting” to commit an illegal act.

When a person commits the act of murder, he or she planned or plotted to kill another human being. Manslaughter is committed without malice or premeditation. Manslaughter is committed unintentionally or out of an immediate reaction to an emotion such as fear, danger or anger. For example, if you unintentionally killed somebody in a car accident, you mostly likely would be charged with manslaughter, as you did not purposely set out to cause a fatal accident.

Murder & Manslaughter Penalties in Arizona

Because a person who commits murder actually planned or plotted to kill another person, it is considered a much more heinous crime than manslaughter. The penalties for murder are incredibly harsh. If you are convicted of murder, you could be sentenced to life in prison (with or without parole), high fines, restitution to the victim’s family, and even the death penalty.

To be convicted of manslaughter, however, the prosecution must prove that you either did not plan to commit the crime, or that your negligence led to the crime. For example, if you killed your spouse out of self-defense, you most likely will not be convicted of manslaughter.

Also, if you caused a car accident and accidentally killed someone, the prosecution must prove you engaged in some type of unlawful behavior, such as driving under the influence, speeding, racing, hit and run, etc. If the crash was truly an accident and you did not engage in unlawful behavior, then you most likely will be cleared of the charges. In the event that you are convicted of manslaughter, you will likely face many of the same penalties as those people convicted of murder, with the exception of the death penalty.

Get Aggressive Defense from Knowles Law Firm, PLC!

If you are facing charges for manslaughter or murder, our Phoenix law firm can give you the level of superior dedication and attention you need to prevail at trial. With more than two decades of experience, Attorney Knowles is highly familiar with both the state and federal criminal laws concerning Arizona murder and manslaughter cases. As a former police officer and seasoned Phoenix murder & manslaughter defense lawyer, Mr. Knowles recognizes how much is at stake and is prepared to leave no stone unturned to protect you against life-changing consequences.

Mr. Knowles is fully committed to utilizing all of his legal resources, thoroughly investigating the accusations, and creating innovative defense strategies to protect you from criminal prosecution. Furthermore, Attorney Knowles will vehemently challenge the case of the prosecution, and try to negotiate to have your charges dismissed or reduced. But above all, Mr. Knowles’ main concern is ensuring your rights and freedom remain intact, and that you walk away a free man or woman!

To set up a free and confidential case review with Phoenix murder & manslaughter defense Attorney Anthony Knowles, please contact Knowles Law Firm, PLC at (602) 702-5431 or (888) 332-5621.

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