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Blood Testing for a Arizona DUI

While breath tests are generally accepted to be fairly accurate sources of finding the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of a driver, it is important to note that they are not as accurate as a blood test. A breath test merely estimates the BAC of a driver, while a blood test would measure it. Due to the many factors that can make a breath test invalid, in order to obtain convictions, officials prefer to obtain blood samples.

Blood tests are also much more reliable than police testimony which can be biased and slanted in their favor in order to justify the arrest. Generally speaking, the blood test is considered to be one of the most accurate forms of chemical testing and is usually held as an authoritative determining factor.

Common Errors in Blood Tests

Does this mean that blood tests are foolproof? Of course not! As blood tests are handled by humans, they are subject to human error. One of the biggest issues that can typically arise with a blood test includes what is known as the "chain of custody." This means that the sample does not stay in one place. During the process, it will pass through many different people and will therefore be transported. It is not impossible for there to be a mix-up in the process and for someone to be left with results for a test that does not belong to them.

Other errors that will be addressed will include whether the person who administered the test was properly and adequately trained, if the test was administered following protocol and if the test was kept free from outside contamination. For instance, if rubbing alcohol was used to clean the area where the test was administered, the test results could have been skewed and could have given a false reading.

Always contact a Phoenix DUI lawyer before assuming that your blood test is completely accurate and without error.

Violating Civil Rights

Giving blood can also be extremely dangerous and even life threatening for some people, such as hemophiliacs. Many people have serious phobias when it comes to needles, or they are not permitted to draw blood because of religious convictions. There is a certain level of privacy and civil rights protocol that must be considered when conducting sobriety tests.

Doctors are required under the Hippocratic Oath to adhere by their patient's rights and wishes and respect their decisions. In which case, if the driver refuses a blood test, then a breath or urine test can be administered. If a blood test was conducted against their will, then the driver may be able to sue for assault and battery, because it is a blatant violation of their civil liberties.

Defending Your Rights: Phoenix Blood Test Lawyers

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