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Heroin Laws in Phoenix, AZ

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Heroin is considered to be one of the most dangerous of illegal drugs, and is treated accordingly by the laws in Arizona. The threshold amount for heroin is only 1 gram of the substance; if you are found to possess more than that you will be in extremely serious legal trouble. Never face any heroin offense without a skilled criminal attorney as there could be strong defense options in your drug crime case.

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Heroin Penalties

A first conviction in a heroin possession case which is above the threshold amount could result in 12 ½ years in state prison. A second offense could bring up to 23 ¼ years, and a third offense could result in a minimum sentence of 6 years in prison, and a maximum of 35 years incarcerated in state prison. It is a very serious matter to have been caught in possession of heroin, and even if you are below the threshold, you will still be facing certain penalties, although jail will not be included.

Arizona Heroin Laws

The law states that those who are below the threshold amount will face penalties that may include fines, fees, mandatory participation in drug programs, and a certain amount of hours of community service. Mandatory drug testing is often a term of probation. Although penalties will vary from case to case – especially based on criminal history and the amount of drugs involved – complying with court orders is necessary for those who wish to avoid additional punishment.

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