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Defending Clients Charged with Possession of Marijuana

As many of the residents in state of Arizona are aware, marijuana is a quite prevalent drug found in a person's possession. Because the state is considered to be a drug path from the United States to Mexico and vice versa, law enforcement has cracked down on any person found to have marijuana in their possession. However, as enacted by Proposition 200, it is nearly impossible to actually incarcerate any person for a first or second offense if they are found with a minute amount.

If you have been found with the illegal substance, marijuana, in your possession, at your house, in your car or at your place of work, do not wait another minute longer to contact the Phoenix marijuana possession attorney from the Knowles Law Firm. Additionally, the legal team aggressively defends children and teenagers who have been caught with marijuana.

When you or your child is up against possession charges, you potentially face extreme consequences. Simply because the proposition makes it hard to incarcerate an individual, it does not necessarily guarantee this. The consequences for a conviction of marijuana possession for less than 2 lbs is nothing short of:

  • At least 240 hours of community service
  • Counseling
  • Treatment for alcohol / drug abuse

When Does a Misdemeanor Possession Charge Become a Felony?

Unfortunately, an arresting officer has authority to decide whether the case gets filed as a felony or a misdemeanor, which creates a huge issue because the difference between having a felony and a misdemeanor conviction on a criminal record can affect a person’s life significantly.

In fact, we’ve experienced cases where possession of marijuana wax was charged as a class 4 felony, possession of cannabis paraphernalia was charged as a class 6 felony, possession of one joint was charged as a class 6 felony, and possession of less than a gram of pot and a grinder was a misdemeanor offense.

Our legal team understands what it takes to get such charges dismissed or significantly reduced to a misdemeanor, which means avoiding prison and more costly fines.

Contact a Phoenix Drug Crime Lawyer to Discuss Your Case

Act quickly if you have been charged with any drug offense in Phoenix or the surrounding communities in Arizona – your future is in jeopardy. In cases involving larger amounts of marijuana, you could face possibly felonious consequences because the officers may believe that you are involved in the cultivation, transportation or the distribution of this drug.

Prevent yourself from facing difficult penalties and lifelong ramifications of a conviction and get the help you deserve today. Call a Phoenix marijuana possession attorney from the firm to get an evaluation of your case to determine the best defense strategy.

Contact a Phoenix drug possession attorney if you or someone you love is facing charges for the possession of marijuana.

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