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If you have been arrested and charged with a sex crime in the state of Arizona, then it is urgent that you seek the representation of a Phoenix sex offender attorney from Knowles Law Firm, PLC. The firm has been serving the residents of Phoenix, Arizona and the surrounding areas for a number of years, and the experience of the attorneys that make up the legal team ranges from criminal defense to police officer experience.

Facing criminal charges can cause a great deal of fear and anxiety in your situation; you need confident defense representation on your side. Contact our Phoenix sex offender lawyer at (602) 702-5431!

Lead Attorney Anthony Knowles is a former police officer, which means that he can provide his clients with an element in court that few other law firms can match. He knows where mistakes are often made in the arresting process, in the gathering of evidence, and other areas, and he can work to exploit any violations of your rights that were made. When an unlawful arrest is made, you could have your case dropped, and this firm will work to ensure that your rights are upheld regardless of the charges that you face.

Sex Crime Convictions in Arizona

Among the numerous different crimes that you could be charged with are sex crimes. These are offenses that involve sexually provocative gestures, material, sexual assault, and many other offenses. The penalties for a sex crime will depend heavily on the specifics of your alleged crime, the age of the victim, your age, your criminal history, and many other circumstances. If you are convicted of a sex crime, then you could face many years in prison, hefty fines and restitution, community service, probation, and sex offender registration.

What is Sex Offender Registration?

If you are convicted of a sex crime, then you will face various penalties for conviction. One penalty that is commonly applied is sex offender registration; this is a public record that states that you were convicted of a sex crime in the state of Arizona, where you currently reside, and other information. This is a very serious penalty as it will most likely go on your record permanently and cause you to be denied certain benefits such as housing, employment, bank loans, and many other benefits that require a background check.

It is important to know that this is public information, and anyone will be able to access the sex offender registry and see that you are a registered sex offender. In addition to the real and applicable disadvantages to having this criminal record, there is a significant social stigma that comes with a sex crime conviction. You could face disassociation and even harassment for this conviction. You need to ensure that you are not wrongfully convicted of this criminal offense

The Aggressive Defense You Need

The Phoenix sex offender attorneys at Knowles Law Firm, PLC know how to provide their clients with the skillful and aggressive defense representation that they need. With many years of experience in defending the criminally accused, they have developed a reputation for excellence, and those who choose this firm can feel confident in the representation that they will receive. The firm recognizes that no two cases are the same. Therefore, they offer representation that investigates the unique aspects of your case, unlike many law firms, and they work to provide you with the unique and personalized representation that you need.

The firm offers a free consultation so that potential clients may discuss the criminal charges that they face without any financial obligation to the firm. If you have been arrested, then time is of the essence! Utilize your Fifth Amendment rights to remain silent, and seek the representation of an experienced sex crime defense lawyer from this firm today! The firm has been listed as Top 100 Trial Lawyers in Arizona, and they can put this experience to work for you.

Contact the firm at (602) 702-5431 immediately to discuss your charges with rou Phoenix sex offender lawyers and to begin the process of retaining the representation that you need on your side.

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