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If your child has recently been criminally charged, it is important that you remember that cases involving juvenile crimes will be tried separately from the way in which adult cases move forward. In most cases, the juvenile courts are much more lenient - they are more prone to look towards rehabilitation over punishment and the penalties are usually decided by a judge rather than a jury. Not every juvenile c, however, will carry out in this manner. In some cases, especially when involving more serious charges, the prosecutors will attempt to get the child tried as an adult. What then?

Defending Against Juvenile Felonies in Phoenix

If a juvenile is criminally charged with a felonious act, they will have their case heard in a Superior Court depending on their geographical location. The Juvenile Court in the Judicial Branch of Arizona states that it is their mission to ensure that all cases are fairly and impartially handled - and that juvenile offenders are rehabilitated and treated so that they can reach their full potential, while still caring for the community and public safety.

This is obviously a more fostering environment than the one experienced by their adult counterparts, however, it is still not a perfectly safe one. Especially if your child has been tried with a felony, it is important that you get experienced legal representation so that they have the best possible chance of success. Don't let one mistake affect them for the rest of their life. By working with a lawyer that is well-versed in criminal law, you will be able to take the necessary steps towards defending your legal rights while still fighting for the most desirable outcome possible.

Why hire a Phoenix juvenile crime attorney?

If you have a child that has been criminally charged, it is likely that you are feeling considerably overwhelmed. Where should you turn? Which law firm should you trust? Knowles Law Firm, PLC understands this complexity and they are here to help you protect your child against the possibility of conviction.

Should you choose to work with a Phoenix juvenile felonies attorney from their firm, you can rest assured knowing that you will have the experience of a heavyweight on your side. Led by a former police officer, they have knowledge about both sides of the law and they are ready to apply this to your case. They understand what is on the line with your criminal case and they will do everything that they can to ensure that your child has the most desirable outcome possible.

Have a child been charged with a felony? Contact a Phoenix juvenile felonies attorney from Knowles Law Firm, PLC today to schedule your case evaluation and learn more about how they can help.

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