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Accused of Committing Fraud in Arizona?

A fraud crime is defined as a crime that is committed for financial gain in some manner through the use of deception. Although normally occurring in the business world, they can also occur in cases such as bribery or identity theft. Many of these crimes occur in areas having to do with finance, such as in banking, accounting or sales.

To ensure you have the best chance to avoid conviction, contact our Phoenix fraud lawyer from Knowles Law Firm. Our office has the resources you will need to vigorously defend yourself against the charges of fraud.

Arizona Penalties for Fraud

Though not typically involving force or violence, they nevertheless carry stiff penalties if convicted. Sentences can range up to 30 years for certain crimes and costly fines. A damaged reputation, in addition to possible imprisonment, is not something you will want to risk.

Is Fraud a Federal Crime?

Because fraud crimes can occur anywhere, especially if involving the internet, some are charged at the federal level while others are charged at the state level. Whenever a fraud crime is against the government, such as counterfeiting, it will be considered a federal crime. However, crimes that cross state lines, such as one originating in Phoenix but committing a fraudulent act against someone in another state, is also considered a federal crime.

Types of Fraud Crimes

The following are considered fraudulent crimes:

  • Bribery
  • Government Fraud
  • Counterfeiting
  • Theft
  • Embezzlement
  • Pyramid Schemes
  • Wire Fraud
  • Bank Fraud
  • Political Corruption

Possible Defenses for Fraud Crimes

The following are possible defenses for fraud offenses, including but not limited to:

  • Insufficient evidence – You must be proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, which is not possible if there is not enough evidence against you. We can help determine whether the evidence presented is sufficient enough to convict you.
  • Absence of intent to commit a crime – Intent is essential in proving fault, as there may be accidental instances of supposedly fraudulent activity. For this reason, there must be a proven intent, which isn’t always possible.
  • Non-fraudulent statement – Non-fraudulent statements will likely not hold up in a court of law. Opinions and various false statements cannot be regarded as fraud unless they relate to an existing fact, not simply the future.
  • Entrapment – If you have been coerced, manipulated, or otherwise tricked into committing a crime you would otherwise not have committed, this can be considered entrapment and thus is not a valid basis on which to convict you.

Phoenix Attorney Handling Fraud Crimes

When facing a fraud crime, there are many intricacies to consider in your defense. If you face federal charges, the FBI could become involved, raising the level of investigation to a higher bar. When you hire this firm, you can rely on the fact that these attorneys are experienced and committed to mounting the best possible defense on your behalf. With personalized attention, your attorney will work diligently with you and the criminal justice system to negotiate the best possible terms for your case.

Contact Phoenix fraud defense attorney at Knowles Law Firm, PLC if you are seeking an experienced defense team to protect your rights.

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