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Unlawful Imprisonment

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What is False Imprisonment Charge?

According to Arizona Statutes §13-1303 under Kidnapping and Related Offenses, false imprisonment is defined as a situation in which someone illegally or knowingly and unlawfully detains or restrains another person.

Elements of False Imprisonment

  • Detention was unlawful
  • A willful detention
  • Detention was without consent

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False Imprisonment Examples

Unlawful imprisonment takes places when an individual knowingly restrains another person. This offense does not require that there was intent to harm. This offense may involve a number of situations, such as when a person prevents another from leaving their home, office, or even their vehicle.

  • On one hand, it is a felony offense in the state of Arizona to unlawfully detain another individual without warrant or license to do so.
  • On the other hand, you may have been wrongfully imprisoned after law enforcement did not take the appropriate measures to get a warrant or obtain evidence for your arrest.
  • It could be considered unlawful imprisonment even if you refuse to let someone out of a room or house.

Unlawful Imprisonment Sentence in Arizona

Unlawful imprisonment is a serious offense punishable by life-altering penalties, including up to 5 years in prison.

If convicted of this crime, the defendant faces imprisonment for up to a year or more prison time if they have been previously convicted of a similar or violent offense. Certain aggravating circumstances - including injury to a victim, the use of a weapon, or the use of a firearm - could also result in elevated charges and penalties.

If you or someone you love is being charged with unlawful imprisonment in Arizona, the right attorney can make the difference in your case.

Charges Related to False Imprisonment

In many cases, charges of kidnapping and unlawful imprisonment are also related to domestic violence issues or charges. When family members are involved, these cases can become increasingly complex, both for the defense and prosecution. Our attorneys are experienced in handling cases involving domestic violence.

Proven Defense Attorneys for Your False Imprisonment Lawsuit in AZ

Unlawful imprisonment is a serious charge, which is why it is crucial for anyone facing this allegation to place an emphasis on working with caring and capable defense lawyers. Our Phoenix attorneys have decades of combined criminal law experience, and include former prosecutors and a former police officer.

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