Boy Scouts History Revealed: Years of Sexual Abuse

The sex abuse scandal of the Boy Scouts has continued to unravel, including one leader who has been involved in the acts for decades. This man, Floyd Slusher, from Colorado allegedly had a devious plan when it came to attacking his victims. He would first get them drunk, and then molested his underage victims, and the reason no one spoke a word was because he would threaten to murder them if they did.

One case from 1976 involved a very bold statement made to his victim. Allegedly he threatened his victim saying that even if he gets arrested for his actions, once he was released from prison, he would not only come after the boy, but also his family. No wonder the children were too scared to tell the police. According to the police reports, word had been brought to the Boy Scouts of America multiple times about Slusher's actions, and at one time was placed on four year probation after an incident involving a boy in Germany at camp. Police state that when they were contacting Slushers victims for statements, there were actually too many people to contact, the list was that extensive.

The Boy Scouts of America had received multiple times news about his actions, and sat on top of the information rather than acting on it. He was convicted for sexual abuse before the court in 1977, and sadly he is not the only one whose name is on the list of child molesters that the Boy Scouts of America keeps on file. Rather, Slusher is only one of 1,247 people that were kept secret by the organization.

Under court order, the Boy Scouts of America was forced to release this alleged list of names just this Thursday. With over 20,000 pages of files on the different cases of abuse and molestation that took place within their group, the public has been shocked to hear how many people were involved. The scary news is the fact that these instances have been documented by the Boy Scouts since 1919 that included suspected pedophiles, so that when released from work they wouldn’t be able to come back to receive employment elsewhere. Despite their efforts to keep the pedophiles out of the system, in what is now almost 100 years of secrecy, they failed the children of their country by keeping these names a secret from the government.

Between 1965 and 1985 there were a lot of cases that took place within the organization, and the police so far have been able to address around two thirds of the instances after receiving the documents. Even though the organization didn’t want the pedophiles back in their system, they clearly failed to take necessary steps to seeking justice when there are abuse cases. At this point in times, the Boy Scouts maintains much stricter standards when it comes to molestation, including the hiring process, and background checks, as well as extensive training for the leaders to spot signs of abuse. There are much stricter rules for the leaders and students, and they are never allowed to be one on one with each other.

More disturbing news that was released is with the cases between 65’-85’ there were times that the organization did rehire the pedophiles after they received treatment from a doctor or clergy. There were multiple cases during this time in which people even convicted of sexually abusing boys were allowed back into the Scouts. This did not sit well with many parents. One father in Texas reported a man to the police for molesting all three of his sons who were in the program. After being arrested, the man was released on bail, and the Scouts allowed him to return to his place of employment no long after. The Boy Scouts of America claims that they believed they were doing what they could to protect the Scouts, by keeping the incidents quiet. They claimed that they kept reports for their own usage, and yet still so many returned to their posts.

At this time 20,000 pages of documents only cover that period of two decades, and the same judge is doing what he can now to receive access to all the files from 1985 until 2010. Child abuse is never ok, and no kid should have to experience this form of torture. If you or someone you know has been a victim of sexual abuse, don’t wait another moment to take action, as well as seek after compensation for the pain that it has caused. Contact Knowles Law Firm today to discuss your situation.

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