Zumba Prostitution Scandal: 21 Men Accused of Paying for Sex

A big scandal has unfolded in the small town of Kennebunk, Maine and a well-known Zumba fitness instructor has been accused of operating a prostitution ring in her studio. According to reports, Alexis Wright has been accused of over 100 counts of prostitution, selling herself for sex to the men around town.

So far, there is a lot of evidence pointing against her innocence. Police report that they have uncovered over 100 hours of sexual encounters with her clients. Mark Strong was also arrested for his involvement with the sex-ring, apparently helping her with the filming of interactions with the clients, as well as running the business sides of things. He too, claims not guilty before the court.

Reports show that at her studio, there was an extensive list of clients that she kept, though only 21 of them at this point have been released to the public. The first batch is being called before the court for a hearing in the near future, many of them being prominent members of their town. James Soule, 58, is a former mayor of the small city of Kennebunk and he too is on the list of clients in Wright’s “little black book.”

The men of more than 100 clients contain the mayor, businessmen, a real estate appraiser, a lawyer, and more. Right now Wright, along with Mark Strong, could be facing serious jail time if convicted for their crimes. Prostitution is illegal in the united States, even if it is willingly of your own body, and if convicted there could be severe consequences with the law.

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