Mother Glued Daughters Hands to the Wall as Punishment

Last week, Elizabeth Escalona was arrested for gluing her 5-year-old daughter’s hands to the wall as punishment for being stress in her life. She pleaded guilty Thursday acknowledging that she glued her to the wall while beating her, and said that her kids bring a lot of added stress in her life. Reports say that her charges for child injury could land this 23-year-old mother in jail for the next 45 years of her life if the prosecutors have their way.

When being questioned in court, the prosecution asked if her children misbehaved often and the mother said yes, and claimed that she often needed “breaks” from them. With this came a confession to frequent usage of marijuana and alcohol within her home, at least twice a day she would take a hit. When the Escalona children were asked about what happened, they said that their mommy was trying to potty train their sister and she was having problems, so she glued her hands to the wall.

Super Glue wasn’t only form of torture that Jocelyn Cedillo experienced that day, the police also state that she kicked her daughter in the stomach, hit her with a milk jug and then stuck her hands to the wall. This girl didn't make it out of the abuse fine and dandy either, according to doctors she suffered severe head trauma and has brain bleeding along with a fractured rib, and many other bruises as well as bite marks from her mother. They say that Jocelyn was in a coma for a few days as well. Elizabeth Escalona is a mother of five, and during this time all of the kids are in the care of her mother, Ofelia Escalona. If you have been accused of any crime, contact Knowles Law Firm today to discuss your case and how we can help you fight for your rights.

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