Chef Husband Accused of Murdering Wife and Cooking Her

David Veins has been accused of murdering his wife and placing her body into a large pot and cooking her in order to cover his tracks of the crime. Dawn Veins went missing in 2009 and the police were never able to find her body, and just recently her husband came forward with the reason they were never able to locate her. David states that he killed her and boiled her for 4 days, and then poured most of her down the drains at the restaurant he owns and the rest of her pieces he throw in to the trash can at his restaurant. His attempt to cover his tracks involved a lot of lies, made up text messages in order to keep people from looking at him for the crime.

The defense attorney representing David Veins has not sought to argue the fact that Dawn was killed by her husband though Fred McCurry is attempting to lessen the charges from first degree murder, claiming that his clients actions were not premeditated but rather her death was a result of an action he did. Viens shared with his daughter that he did tie up his wife and duct tape her mouth and feet, but then he fell asleep never doing anything to her, and when he awoke her body was lifeless. Scared that the blame would be shifted to him, he attempted to cover the tracks and proceeded to dump her body at the restaurant.

He attempted to kill himself in 2011 when he caught wind that the police were suspecting his involvement in his wife’s murder. He jumped 80 feet off of a cliff and merely received severe injuries. When he was in the hospital he then came forward about the specific happenings of the death of his wife. His defense attorney is seeking to prove that his interview may be exaggerated because it was given while he was in the hospital and on a large amount of medication, having also complained that it was difficult to tell the difference between dreams and reality while there.

The prosecution seeks to argue that David had a pattern of abusing his wife physically, and they brought in a friend of the wife who claimed that Dawn had said of her husband choking her. Another witness and family friend recalls that David feared his wife was stealing money from the restraint and threatened allowed that he would kill her if she was, though another person who was present during that conversation had no memory of David making such a claim. There are still a lot of loose ends in this case, and now it will be sent to go before a jury to determine the outcome. If you or someone you know has been accused of being involved in any crime, contact Knowles Law Firm for the criminal defense that you deserve.

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