Are Synthetic Drugs Legal in Arizona?

Synthetic drugs have gained in popularity in recent years because they are essentially technically-legal versions of illegal narcotics. These substances, which include drugs such as K2, spice, and bath salts, have slightly altered chemical structures from their illegal counterparts in order to evade the restrictions surrounding illegal substances. But this legality is only tenuous, as law enforcement is cracking down on the distribution of these substances.

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House Bill 2327

Many states are beginning to ban synthetic or "designer" drugs. As of April 2013, Arizona is one of those states with the passage of House Bill 2327, which is a ban on synthetic drugs. Now that synthetic drugs have been illegal for the past five years in the state of Arizona, they are being aggressively targeted by state and federal law enforcement.

The bill was reportedly passed in order to protect young children from the potentially harmful effects of these drugs; in 2012, the Arizona Criminal Justice Commission found that nearly 7 percent of eighth-graders, more than 11 percent of 10th-graders, and almost 14 percent of 12th-graders had tried synthetic drugs in Arizona (

DEA Cracking Down on Synthetic Drug Distribution

Businesses that refer to themselves as "head shops" or "smoke shops" are now often under attack by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) as well as local law enforcement. Up until April 2013, shops like these were legally selling synthetic drug substances that are now included on the list of banned substances per HB2327. These substances were reportedly banned because when used, they give off a similar effect to their narcotic counterparts. It may prove difficult to ban every synthetic drug in the state of Arizona since synthetic drug ingredients are so often changing to avoid being deemed "illegal."

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