5 Common Driving Distractions to Avoid

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Many things can pull a driver’s focus off the road. Our team at Knowles Law Firm, PLC has put together a list of five common driving distractions to be mindful of so you can be proactive about keeping focused and alert when behind the wheel.

1. Cell Phones

Whether it is incoming calls, app alerts, or text messages, cell phones present a serious danger for drivers. If you must look at or use your cell phone while traveling, pull over and park first before looking at your device. Looking away from the road ahead for just a few seconds can lead to a serious or fatal accident.

2. Passengers

Rowdy passengers can be extremely distracting for drivers who cannot see what is going on in their backseat. If you feel that your passengers’ activity is distracting you from driving, express this to them and ask them to bring their energy down to have a safe rest of the trip.

3. Eating and Drinking

Some drivers pack snacks before a long road trip or stop at a drive-thru when hungry in the car. Eating and drinking while operating a vehicle can be dangerous as it requires you to remove one or both hands from the wheel and divert your focus to your food. It’s always best to eat and drink prior to traveling or when parked.

4. Loose Items in the Car

Many people store various objects in their car. When items break loose, they can roll around the vehicle and be distracting for the driver. In some cases, they could end up in the footwells of the vehicle and block the driver’s ability to use the pedals. Make sure that all items in your car are secured.

5. Sights Outside the Vehicle

Billboards, roadside stands, shops, and more can distract drivers from the road ahead and divert their attention to the sides of the road. However, this is incredibly dangerous. It can be difficult not to observe your surroundings when driving, but always remain alert to the drivers around you, as well as important road signs.

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