Pardoned Man Released From Prison After 19 Years

Just yesterday, John Edward Smith was released from Men’s Central Jail after spending 19 years of his life behind bars for a crime that he did not commit. Smith was arrested in 1993 for a drive by shooting in Los Angeles, and because there was an eye witness who was shot and survived it appeared as though all the fingers were pointed against him and he was sentenced to prison. Reports share that two years ago that survivor and witness recanted his original testimony against John Smith which convicted him of first degree murder as well as another count of attempted murder.

The family was overwhelmed with joy and gratefulness when they heard that their beloved John Smith was going to be released from behind bars and become a free man again. John Smith was interviewed and he shares his joy knowing that he can be a free man once more and be reunited with his sister and grandmother. Smith states that he holds no bitterness towards the man who recanted the statement or towards the court that deemed him guilty. He says that it will do him no good, and now that he is free all he can do is move forward and press on.

The grandmother who was his care taker when accused of the crime shares that a part of her has now been set free because he has been released. The legal team who was working on Smith’s case for over the last three years claims that their organization, Innocence Matters, became a non-profit organization very quickly so that they would be able to take over the Smith case and help fight for his freedom. Being falsely accused of a crime is everyone’s nightmare, and hiring a strong criminal defense attorney is the first crucial step for anyone to take when placed in this hard circumstance. If you or someone you know has been accused of a violent act, contact Knowles Law Firm today to discuss your case, we want to fight for you!

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