405 Freeway Worker Killed During Late Night Construction

At 2:30 a.m. Thursday morning, Adolfo Figueroa was killed while working on the major freeway construction project to the 405 freeway in California. This project, known as the I-405 Sepulveda Pass Improvements Project, was to help make the area of town better and more efficient for traveling and this man was killed in the process. According to reports he was crushed to death by a 3,000 pound steel beam that fell. Witness’s say that he was standing near one of the trucks on Santa Monica Boulevard off-ramp, and there these large steel beams were being unloaded from the trucks and one fell, crushing him.

This billion dollar project has been years in the making, having started in 2009 and still in full swing. This project has fully closed down the freeway at two different occurrences, what the public soon called “Carmageddon” because of the fact that no one was able to travel those specific weekends. Sadly, at this time the investigators have no idea as to what caused the accident, and are especially concerned because in their three years of intense construction, they the 405 workers have not experienced one injury.

Hearing that your husband and father had their life taken away while at work, and know that they were crushed to death by a steel beam that should have been otherwise constrained is frightening and probably the worst news any person could receive. Have you experienced the loss of a loved one who was killed in a construction or workplace accident? If so, don’t wait another moment to take legal action and pursue compensation for your loss as well as for the wages lost. No person deserves to have this happen, at Knowles Law Firm we understand the hard time you are going through and want to help you fight. Call us today for more information and to discuss your case.

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