Arizona Worker Pinned Under Cactus

A city worker in Yuma, Arizona, was taken to intensive care after a 16-foot-tall saguaro cactus fell on him and pinned him to the ground. The prickly cactus left puncture wounds all over William Mason’s body. The employee was responding to an emergency water leak situation in the Yuma subdivision and was busy repairing the damage when the cactus toppled over.

The saguaro cacti can weigh anywhere from hundreds of pounds to thousands of pounds, depending on the amount of water that is stored inside of them. They are also extremely sharp and can cause serious puncture wounds when they collide with a person. Investigators believe that the cactus fell on its own accord, and the accident was not the result of someone pushing it over.

The workers who were near Mason at the time of the accident were able to help free him from under the heavy plant and called the emergency ambulance to rush him to the hospital. He suffered many injuries to his back and legs, which is where the cactus fell on him. He has been hospitalized at the Yuma Regional Medical Center.

If you live in Arizona, working near cacti can be dangerous. While many people never assess the threat, a heavy, needled cactus can harm or even kill an unaware person if it topples over. If you were harmed in an accident like this while on the job, there is a chance that you can get compensation for your pain and suffering. The same might be true if you were at a public location or a friend’s private residence.

People should care for the landscaping on their property and maintain their plants and trees to make sure that they don’t fall over and harm someone in the process. If you have a similar case, then talk to a personal injury lawyer at Knowles Law Firm, PLC for more information on how to get compensation!

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