Denver Bar Fire Possible Arson Case to Cover Murder

Early Wednesday morning at a Denver bar, the entire building burst into flames. Sadly, there were 5 bodies found inside the bar, bodies that were not killed because of a fire. Police investigators believe so far that someone went into the bar with the intent to murder, and started the arson as a means of covering up the crime.

At this time the details of the case have not been released to the public, as to what the actual cause of death was for the five victims yet, though we do know that it wasn’t because of the flames. Reports state that four women were killed along with one man at Fero’s Bar & Grill. The police are trying to get information from witnesses, though no one has come forward yet, nor do they have any suspects for the crimes.

Murder is a sad thing to have happen at a bar that was likely considered to be a fun place to hang out and drink with friends. Unfortunately, in the instance of a fire in a building like that there is a possibility for many more people to have been injured. When building burns, if there are not adequate safety procedures or even enough exits in the building, many more lives can be placed at risk.

At the Denver bar there were no other reported injuries from the fire itself, though in many circumstances similar to this it is not uncommon for people to receive burns or smoke inhalation injuries. If you own someone you know has been a victim of a fire, consider contacting a personal injury attorney to discuss your case, and see if there is a chance to seek compensation for your injuries. At Knowles Law Firm we have experience with a variety of injury cases and are ready to help you!

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