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Mandatory Minimum Sentences in Arizona
Mandatory Minimum Sentences in Arizona

When certain criminal offenses are committed, the perpetrators may face mandatory minimum sentences if they are convicted. Mandatory minimum sentencing can apply in cases involving drug crimes , sex crimes , and more. Contact Us Although all states have these sentencing ...

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  • What to Expect at Your Arraignment Hearing

    What is an Arraignment? If you were told that you will soon be arraigned for your crime, you may be curious about what this entails. What is an ...

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  • DUI Checkpoints: Can Police Search Your Car?

    If you or someone you love finds yourself as a checkpoint – which are commonly set up during holidays – make sure you know your rights when it comes ...

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  • What Constitutes an Unlawful Stop?

    What You Need to Know About Unlawful Police Stops in Phoenix When can a law enforcement officer pull you over and when is it illegal? Many people are ...

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  • Arizona Supreme Court Rules Medical Marijuana Card Holders are Not Exempt from DUI Charges

    On November 20, the Arizona Supreme Court determined that medical-marijuana cardholders are not automatically exempt from DUI laws if they are pulled ...

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  • Arizona Marijuana Measure Could Appear on November 2016 Ballot

    Marijuana advocates throughout Arizona are collecting signatures to help a marijuana-legalization measure appear on the November 2016 ballot. ...

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  • New Arizona Law Will Protect Seniors from Unqualified In-Home Caregivers

    Contact Us A new Arizona law sponsored by Republican Senator Nancy Barto is aimed at helping protect senior citizens from bad in-home caregivers. The ...

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  • What to Do After an Out of State DUI Arrest

    Arizona is a popular vacation destination during the winter holiday season, and many tourists choose to drive their own cars or rent a vehicle while ...

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  • Arizona Court Rules on Medical Marijuana & Driving Under the Influence

    Last month, on Tuesday October 21, the Arizona Court of Appeals issued a ruling that clarified laws regarding medical marijuana and driving under the ...

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  • A Different Kind of DUI - What Legalizing Marijuana Could Mean for Road Safety

    Colorado and Washington are the first two states to legalize marijuana for recreational use. While marijuana is legal medicinally in the state of ...

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