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Defendant in 1996 Arizona Murders Put to Death

Inmate Robert Jones was put to death last month. He was responsible for the murders of seven individuals, six of which were during two armed robberies in Tucson. The man's last words were, ...
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Domestic Violence False Allegations

Domestic violence. These accusations are common, but how often are these charges based on false allegations? That is up to the courts to decide. It is difficult to find a statistic on how many ...
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Collateral Consequences of a DUI

With any drunk driving charge, individuals face not only criminal and administrative penalties, but also collateral consequences. What do we mean by this? If convicted of driving under the influence, ...
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Can I Refuse a Breath Test?

There seems to be much confusion as to a person's rights when pulled over under suspicion for driving under the influence. One of the most frequent questions we receive at Knowles Law Firm is ...
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Government Shutdown: Could Your Criminal Case Be Affected?

Before being able to understand how the government shutdown could affect you, it's important to know exactly what the shutdown is, what caused it and the full scope of its implications. As of ...
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Scottsdale Man Arrested, Suspected of Sexual Assault

Scottsdale police recently arrested a man on suspicion of sexually assaulting a woman in her apartment on Saturday. The 21-year-old woman had just returned home and, before she had a chance to lock ...
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Phoenix Man Facing Armed Robbery, Kidnapping & Endangerment Charges

Phoenix police recently arrested a 26-year-old on multiple counts of armed robbery, kidnapping and endangerment. According to reports, the man allegedly arranged sexual meet ups with other men in ...
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What Happens if You Drive While Your License Is Suspended?

There are a number of reasons why a driver's license could be suspended or revoked in the state of Arizona. Some people have their driving privileges taken away as an administrative penalty ...
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Ignition Interlock Requirements in Arizona

The ignition interlock device (IID) is one potential penalty of a DUI conviction. The IID is an electronic breath testing device that is installed in vehicles. Before you can turn the key in the ...
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Weapon & Firearm Laws in Arizona

With the recent controversy over gun laws, many people are wondering what exactly the law in Arizona says about firearms and other types of weapons. The Phoenix criminal defense attorneys at Knowles ...
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The Facts About Unlawful or False Imprisonment

What does it mean to be unlawfully or falsely imprisoned? These terms actually have multiple facets. On one hand, it is a felony offense in the state of Arizona to unlawfully detain another individual ...
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What Type of Drug Is Marijuana?

Marijuana (cannabis) is one of the most well-recognized drugs. Every drug is classified differently, and there are many different classifications possible. One way to classify a drug is by its ...
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Mormon Mother Wrongfully Accused of Smuggling Drugs, Family Says

How did a Phoenix-area mother end up in a Mexican prison accused of smuggling drugs? According to friends and family of the woman, she is a devout mother and member of the Mormon church- a woman who ...
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Behind the Jodi Arias Mistrial

After five months of analyzing the gruesome evidence and listening to witness testimony, the jury's decision was indecision, and the Jodi Arias murder case was declared a mistrial. In a case that ...
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BAC Limit Could Be Reduced to .05%

In the 1980s, approximately 20,000 people died every year because of drunk driving accidents. DUI reform laws then imposed a.15 BAC limit for all drivers. In the years following this, grassroots ...
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Phoenix Violent Crime Roundup

This past week in Phoenix, crime news headlines told the stories of multiple Arizonians accused of violent offenses. Some incidents involve sexual abuse, others child abuse and others murder. Take a ...
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Wrong-Way Chase Ends in Hospital Visit

A robbery suspect has been taken to the hospital after he led Phoenix police on a wrong-way chase yesterday. The case took place on Phoenix city streets as well as portions of the I-17. Phoenix police ...
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231 Arrests Made During Operation Justice V

Have you heard of Operation Justice V? At least 231 people in the greater Phoenix area have. State and federal law enforcement officials just ended a project they called Operation Justice V, an ...
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Phoenix Mom Pleads "Not Guilty" to Child Abuse

A Phoenix woman was accused of child abuse for allowing her boyfriend to sexually assault a family member, according to the allegations. The woman recently pleaded "not guilty" to these ...
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Digital Privacy & Illegal Police Searches

A story was recently released announcing that the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals voted to limit police searches at the border, specifically, searches of electronic devices such as phones. The ...
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Arizona Supreme Court Evaluates Medical Marijuana Law

The medical marijuana issue in Arizona is now poised to go to the Supreme Court. The Court will be responsible for deciding whether or not federal drug laws should prevent medical marijuana from being ...
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