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Drug Crimes FAQ

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Q: Will I go to jail for a possession charge?

A: When arrested and charged with possession of drugs in Phoenix, it is possible that with a conviction you could spend time in jail, depending on the type of drug, whether minors are involved and the number of previous convictions on your record. The laws are very strict regarding drug possession in Arizona, particularly on drugs such as heroin, cocaine or other "hard drugs". It is crucial that you get legal assistance from a Phoenix criminal defense lawyer if you are facing such charges, in order to fight to avoid jail time.

Q: Why do I need an attorney?

A: If you hope to fight the drug charge, you are likely not aware of the types of defense actions that could be taken on your behalf, and could be convicted. With the assistance of a qualified legal representative from Knowles Law Firm, PLC, your case can be reviewed and it can be determined how to fight to avoid conviction of the offense.

Q: Why am I being charged with a federal offense?

A: Some drugs crimes result in federal charges. This can occur when drugs were moved across state or international borders. If any type of email, fax or mail was used, there will likely also be other federal charges added. Federal court usually has more severe penalties and the toughest prosecutors in the area, as well as investigatory units such as the FBI, FDA or ATF involved.

This is a serious situation and requires an extremely skilled and capable drug crime defense lawyer immediately taking action. The legal team at Knowles Law Firm, PLC is very experienced in defending those charged with federal drug crime offenses.

Q: Is there any way to avoid prison in a drug trafficking charge?

A: Every case has defense opportunities and seeking to have the charges dismissed altogether is important. If your rights have been violated by law enforcement, it can create an opportunity to file a court challenge to have the evidence against you suppressed. This is only one of many defense options that could be employed on your behalf by a drug crime defense attorney from Knowles Law Firm, PLC.

Q: Are synthetic drugs illegal too?

A: In the state of Arizona, synthetic drugs are illegal just like their organic counterparts. Drugs like spice, K2 and bath salts are all banned and now included on the Arizona drug schedule. If you are arrested for a synthetic drug crime, you will likely be charged in the same way as if you were arrested for a crime involving the actual drug. Derivatives of narcotics are viewed as just as dangerous as the real thing. Reports even indicate that Phoenix law enforcement is specifically cracking down on synthetic drug crimes.

Q: What can the Knowles Law Firm, PLC help me with?

A: The legal team at the firm is very experienced in the defense of all types of drug offenses. Whether you are facing a felony or a misdemeanor drug offense, our firm can build a strong case for your defense.

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