200 Dog Bites Per Day on the Streets in Mumbai

Mumbai, a state in the country of India, is known for their extremely high number of stray dogs on the street. Not to mention the extremely poor living arrangements for many of the people, the dogs roam freely without homes, and often without training. According to the latest reports, there are over 150,000 of these stray dogs wandering the streets of Mumbai, and as a result reports of around 200 dog bites on a daily average are taking place. Thankfully for the people, the government is starting to realize this all too common occurrence and is seeking to implement proper sterilization and vaccinations within their animal community.

Due to the increase of these vaccinations, India is reporting fewer deaths that have been caused by the stray dog attacks. Studies also show that in the time period from now since 2001, there has been a reported total of 650,000 dog bites, the average having increasingly increased since 2007 for no obvious reasons. In the United States, we thankfully don’t see this high of a number of dog bites daily; and yet they are still all too common. Pets are a joyful addition to any family, and a dog can truly become man’s best friend.

Unfortunately, many owners still don’t take the proper precautions in order to see to it that their dogs are properly secured from passerby, or that they can’t wiggle their way out of a leash in order to attack another person. Owners around the country will attest that their home pets are the kindest on the planet, though many times those are the dogs that attack victims when left unchecked. If you or someone you know has been a victim of a dog bite or attack, don’t wait another moment to take action. Contact Knowles Law Firm today for more information!

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