13-year-old Charged Under Shannon's Law

A young man chose to fire several shots at Maurice Elementary School on Monday afternoon, and will now be taken to court and charged confer Arizona’s Shannon’s Law. This law was created to dictate situations where an offender disrupts and educational institution. The law was established after a fourteen year old girl was killed by a stray bullet in Phoenix. According to Shannon’s law, disrupting an educational institution with a deadly weapon can be charged as a felony offense in Arizona. While the actual act of shooting the weapon may only constitute a misdemeanor, Shannon’s Law makes sure that an offender can get serious punishment for his or her crimes if they have the possibility of injuring an innocent individual.

Under Shannon’s Law, the thirteen-year-old gunman at the elementary school could be charged with a felony for his crime. Local news reports say that Maurice Elementary School remained on lockdown for about an hour after the shooting, and officers found the child who had shot the gun hiding in his backyard. Individuals inside the boy’s home were not cooperating with the officers, and wouldn’t let them in to search. There was allegedly a second person with the boy at the time of the shooting, and the police are trying to identify the accomplice at present.

If you shot a stray bullet for any reason, you too could be prosecuted under Shannon’s Law. In some cases, your arrest may be a misunderstanding. Maybe you accidentally fired the gun because the safety was off, or were shooting at game on a hunting trip. Whatever your reasons, you will want an aggressive Phoenix Criminal Defense Lawyer on your side if you have any hope of making it out without a sentence. Talk to someone at the Knowles Law Firm today to get representation you need!

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