The Ford Escape Recall

Recently, Ford recalled more than 500,000 of their Escapes which were created during the years 2001 and 2004. In addition, Mazda, their sister company, recalled about 200,000 of their 2001-2008 Tributes, the car the mimics the Escape. Both car recalls come after a variety of malfunction lawsuits brought the dangers of the vehicles to light. In 2008, a woman driving a 2003 Ford Escape panicked when the car accelerated out of control. She opened the door and jumped out of the speeding vehicle, hitting her head on the pavement. She has died from the head wound she incurred that the accident.

In 2005, another woman was driving her Ford Escape when it accelerated out of control and slammed into the school bus. Ford settled both lawsuits involving the defective cars without ever admitting liability. Instead, they simply quieted the victims with money, and lots of it. Then, 17-year-old Saige Blooms’ story hit the headlines. The young woman was driving her 2002 Ford Escape in Payson, Arizona when it accelerated uncontrollably. The teen was thrown from the car and died on the pavement. The horrible incident causing investigators to look into the car's defects.

Research showed that in all three accidents, the speed control cables plastic cover broke. The cable then got stuck under the engine cover and forced the throttle open, causing the cars to accelerate at uncontrollable speeds. The only way to stop the car from speeding would have been to put it into neutral and glide it to the side of the road. Ford has recalled the cars, but still hasn’t admitted fault for the accidents that have occurred. If you have been harmed in a Ford Escape or Mazda Tribute accident, then talk to a personal injury lawyer today to file a claim against Ford and seek damages.

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