Man Sues NFL Player for Bar Brawl Injuries

Robert Ford says he was attacked near the restroom of a bar in Birmingham, and that his attacker was none other than the Arizona Cardinals defensive end, Ronald Talley. According to Ford’s claim, he was at the South Car on March 26th when he was smashed over the head with a champagne bottle and then dragged into an alleyway by bouncers. Ford’s injuries required 13 staples in the head because of the lacerations from glass shards. His attorney says that the scalp has healed by that he has also experienced a brain injury. Ford says that he now has trouble remembering things and even had trouble relaying the events of that night to his attorney.

Tally says that was surprised about the lawsuit and needs to get representation before he will comment on the issue. Yahoo! News reports that Talley and Ford were acquaintances before the incident occurred, but they were not at the bar together. Ford is relying on the testimony of three other witnesses who say the attack at the bar. South Bar has been shut down since the incident occurred. The Birmingham police say that they are currently investigating the situation to gather any information that they can.

Ford is not only suing Talley, but the bouncers that he claims did not help him in his suffering that night. If you have been injured in a brawl like this one and had to pay for medical expenses and endure mental or physical suffering, then you may be able to seek compensation just like Ford. Talk to a lawyer at the Knowles Law Firm to get started. We want to see you comforted after the pain that you have suffered. By choosing us, you will be getting representation that you can rely on all throughout your personal injury case.

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