Fatal Car Accident Results in 3 Deaths

An unfortunate car accident occurred in Lansing Michigan this week, and it claimed the life of three victims. The reports share that a large Chevy pickup truck was traveling down the highway and for some reason swerved over the center dividing line. Two cars realized the truck was on their side and were able to avoid a collision; unfortunately an oncoming van wasn’t as lucky. The truck collided with the van on their side of the road head on, and it caused extreme damage to both of the vehicles. This powerful collision resulted in the death of both truck passengers as well as one of the people driving in the van.

Police are still investigating the causes of this accident; there was occasional rain throughout the day, though it is hard to determine if the weather played any role in the accident or if there were other causes that led to the trucks driving on the wrong side of the road. The traffic was backed up significantly because of the deadly accident, it is said to have closed the southbound lanes for almost 5 hours in order to investigate and clean up the accident. Due to the major traffic jam, there was another car accident on the highway though the police report that no one was injured in the smaller incident.

The state of Michigan over the past few years has been making changes to their highways to help prevent accidents similar to this one. They are slowly adding metal median barriers between their highway lanes in hopes that accidents involving swerving vehicles won’t go into oncoming traffic. Car accidents are a scary event to go through, if you or someone you know has been injured or killed in an accident, contact Knowles Law Firm today to discuss filing a claim for your case to receive the compensation that is deserved after your accident. Don’t wait another moment to take action, call us today for a case evaluation.

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