Wal-Mart Arsonist Caught

A man detained for arson in Phoenix, Arizona is believed to have caused similar crimes across the state. Thanks to the investigative work of the Phoenix Police Department, the suspect is finally in custody. Ten days ago a man walked into a Wal-Mart, stole a belt and then set a fire in the store. Based on surveillance video captured at the retail chain, police were able to gather information about the suspect's identity. Although he was able to hide for ten days, police finally caught up with N.N. Thanks to tips provided by the public, as well as the cooperation of several auto repair shops, police were able to track N.N. down while he was in his hideout spot.

When police did locate him, however, N.N. did not go without a fight. He reportedly reached for a gun off the officer's belt, causing police to subdue him with force. N.N. has since been charged with aggravated assault on an officer and arson. Charged with violent crimes? Don't make the mistake of forgoing legal representation as you may be facing jail time if you are convicted. Instead, hire a Phoenix criminal defense lawyer now by contacting the Knowles Law Firm!

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