Medical Malpractice Claim Results in $22 Million Award

A woman who lost both her arms and legs as a result of an unnecessary medical procedure won her medical malpractice suit this month. She will be awarded $22 million as a result for her pain and suffering, loss of a normal lifestyle and legal costs. The victim, R.F., went to the hospital in 2006 when she started suffering headaches. The doctors ordered an angiogram to be performed as the medical staff believed that a vein in her brain might be causing the headaches. As is normal for an angiogram, a dye was inserted into her veins to aid in the procedure. However, she suffered a vasospasm and immediately went into a coma. When the woman regained consciousness two weeks later, she was left a quadriplegic.

Her attorneys showed that the angiogram was not a necessary procedure and that the vein in her brain had nothing to do with the headaches. They argued that since the medical staff should have known this and never administered the angiogram, they were ultimately responsible for her current condition. Do you have reason to suspect that a doctor's negligence led to your suffering injuries? If so, contact the Knowles Law Firm today to discuss your concerns with an experienced Phoenix personal injury lawyer who can evaluate your case and inform you of your legal options as a possible medical malpractice victim.

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