High School Fight Leads to Multiple Juvenile Arrests

What started out as a fight between two high school boys turned into an incident that required police involvement. News reports indicate that an off-duty officer working at the school was injured while trying to break up the fight that eventually involved over a dozen students. After being kicked in the head, the officer used pepper spray on one group of students. At the same time, another fight broke out amongst a group of teenage girls. When fellow police officers and EMTs arrived on the scene, the two fights were finally broken up. A total of eleven students were brought to area hospitals to be treated for exposure to the pepper spray.

Five students were arrested by the end of the afternoon, three girls and two boys. Their ages and names are not being released to the public at this time. They are likely to be charged with juvenile crimes, the nature of which will be revealed later this week say local law enforcement agents. If your son or daughter was charged with a violent crime, take the time to get immediate legal help by contacting the Knowles Law Firm to consult a knowledgeable Phoenix criminal defense lawyer.

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