Fatal Car Accident Leads to Life Sentence for Driver

Prosecutors in Maricopa County say they are satisfied with the outcome of a fatal car accident trial held this month. The judge ordered the suspect, 26-year-old A.R.D., to be sentenced to life in prison without parole. According to the police report, A.R.D. was driving the wrong way down a highway when he caused a head-on collision. At that time, he was being chased by the police and was found to be high on methamphetamines. The second vehicle involved was driven by 36-year-old M.P. who lost her life in the car accident. She was pronounced dead when EMTs arrived at the scene.

Earlier this year a grand jury in Mesa, Arizona found the defendant guilty of a variety of charges including first-degree murder. Although he pleaded guilty to the charges in late January, the prosecution team did not offer him a plea bargain. While the accident took place in 2010, it took the prosecution and defense attorneys nearly two years to prepare for the trial. If you were hurt during a car accident in Arizona and want to know what legal measures you can take, contact the Knowles Law Firm now to get immediate advice from a personal injury lawyer from our office!

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