Road Rage May Be to Blame for Auto Accident

Police are blaming road rage for the car accident that sent five people to area hospitals. One of the victims is a teenage girl who suffered serious head trauma. According to the initial police report, the driver of a SUV, a 16-year-old boy, got into an argument with a truck driver. The two started driving aggressively, and at one point the truck driver threw a bottle at the teenager's vehicle. He then turned around and started driving the other way. One of the passengers in the SUV was the driver's mother, who ordered him to also turn around and follow the truck.

The young driver, not having much experience behind the wheel, caused a car accident while attempting to the tricky maneuver. Three of his passengers were thrown out of the vehicle while two more sustained minor injuries inside the SUV. Although no charges have been pressed at this time, police are likely to charge both drivers as well as the mother for causing the serious crash. Were you hurt during a car accident caused by another driver's reckless actions? Contact the Knowles Law Firm now to discuss your options as a victim with a knowledgeable Phoenix personal injury lawyer from our office.

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