Driveway Accidents due to Blind Spots Not Uncommon

News sources say that a mother struck her own daughter last week in Phoenix, Arizona. The pedestrian accident took place in the family's driveway where the mother was attempting to move a minivan. She did not see her daughter playing behind the vehicle and wound up hitting her. The victim, a 3-year-old girl, was playing near the driveway when the van hit her. Although the extent of her injuries is unknown at this time, eyewitnesses said that the little girl was crying and moving about on a stretcher carried by EMTs.

This type of accident is not uncommon. One study shows that similar accidents take place at a rate of at least 2 deaths per week nationwide. Since all vehicles have blind spots, it is important to know where your blind spots are to avoid hitting anyone, especially young children. If you are driver of a larger vehicle, your blind spot is going to be much bigger and so you must be more attentive while operating your car. Should you have questions about a pedestrian accident case and the personal injury laws in the state of Arizona, contact the Knowles Law Firm to arrange your initial case evaluation.

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