Driver of Hearse Loses Consciousness Behind Wheel

A six car accident occurred last week in Phoenix, Arizona after a driver lost consciousness behind the wheel. Although his passenger attempted to steer the vehicle to safety, he was unsuccessful. Police are still investigating the accident to determine what exactly happened to the driver. According to the police report, a man driving a hearse on a Phoenix highway lost consciousness while operating his vehicle. The erratic driving that ensued led to a crash with five more automobiles.

News sources report that only the driver of the hearse and one more driver sustained injuries in what could have been a fatal car accident. The identities of the victims are not being shared with the public at this time. However, it is known that the hearse was carrying a body at the time of the crash. Did you sustain injuries that have adversely impacted your quality of living during a car crash? If so, take the time to consult our office as you may be eligible to file a lawsuit to seek damages. To learn more, contact the Knowles Law Firm today!

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