Police Connect Man with 90 Year Old's Murder

Police have finally arrested a man in connection with the murder of 90-year-old Semoure Sendrow.

Sendrow was withdrawing $20,000 for his annual Christmas donation on Dec. 14 when a man ran towards him and his wife. This man, now identified as 22-year-old Eduardo Pimentel, pushed Sendrow to the ground and stole the briefcase containing $20,000. However Sendrow later told police that he saw two Hispanic men run away from him, one driving a late-90s red Ford Mustang.

Luckily his wife was uninjured but Sendrow suffered from a broken hip and other injuries as a result of the attack. Sendrow died a few days later due to complications with his injuries. When police were unable to locate the men after several days of investigation, they went public to ask for help. Pimental finally admitted to his part of the crime and has been charged with weapon violations, aggravated robbery and first-degree murder.

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