Man Causes Deadly Car Accident

As if causing a deadly car accident wasn't terrible enough, a Scottsdale man is also being accused of unrelated charges of attempted child prostitution.

Barry Jordan, 46, was identified by investigators as being the man behind the wheel of the pickup truck that struck three vehicles on Saturday morning. The accident, which occurred in front of the Paradise Valley Mall, killed a 10- or 11-year-old girl after she and her 15-year-old brother were thrown from the car. The teenager remains in critical condition while the mother, who was driving at the time, is in serious condition.

According to Sgt. Trent Crump of the Phoenix Police Department the family, originally from Illinois, had just relocated to Phoenix one day before the car accident. Two other people were injured as a result of the accident.

Several witnesses observed Jordan speeding and running two red lights before striking the three cars. He was taken into police custody and later brought to a local hospital after exhibiting delusional behavior. Jordan has been charged with manslaughter, leaving the scene of a fatal accident and aggravated assault.

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