Phoenix Authorities Plan Increased DUI Enforcement During Halloween Weekend

Law enforcement officials in Phoenix and other areas throughout Maricopa County and Arizona have announced their intentions for increasing attention on motorists who drive under the influence this coming Halloween weekend. According to authorities, local and state agencies across the region will be cracking down by conducting DUI sobriety checkpoints and by funding increased saturation patrols.

Like most other holidays, Halloween has become a time of year when large amounts of people choose to celebrate by having parties, hitting the bars, and drinking alcohol. As a result, many jurisdictions record significant spikes in alcohol-related incidents – including drunk driving accidents, injuries, and deaths – during the holidays.

In Arizona and throughout the country, Halloween sees high rates of alcohol-related auto accidents. Because Halloween this year falls on a weekend – another time when DUI accidents are common – authorities are doubly concerned about DUI enforcement

In an effort to combat high rates of impaired driving this weekend, authorities will be relying on sobriety checkpoints and saturations patrols, which have become commonly used methods for DUI enforcement. They will of course also rely on visual cues, field sobriety tests, and breath or blood tests during the DUI arrests.

Officers will be on the lookout for all impaired driving offenses, including:

Last year, local law enforcement agencies participated in the East Valley DUI Task Force to specifically target impaired drivers in the region, just as they do during other holidays throughout the year. While the task force focuses on arresting impaired drivers, they also made a number of other arrests and citations involving traffic violations, suspended driver's licenses, out-of-control parties, and various alcohol-related crimes.

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