Arizona Authorities Arrest 582 Drivers During Labor Day Weekend DUI Crackdown

Labor Day weekend has come to represent the unofficial end of summer. As a result, many Americans choose to celebrate the long holiday weekend by having parties and drinking alcohol. As with most holidays, Labor Day and the days leading up to the holiday see high rates of alcohol-related accidents, injuries, and deaths. Because of these statistics, law enforcement officers typically increase their focus on drivers who get behind the wheel impaired.

This past weekend, Arizona law enforcement officers arrested a total of 582 people during a Labor Day weekend DUI crackdown. The crackdown was part of a four-day statewide anti-DUI campaign during which officers across the state increased their focus on motorists driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Arizona highway patrol officers, sheriff's deputies, and other law enforcement officers released the following statistics:

  • Law enforcement officers arrested a total of 582 motorists under suspicion of driving under the influence from August 28 through September 1.
  • Officers made 79 more DUI arrests this Labor Day weekend than last year, according to the Governor's Office of Highway Safety. This was a 16% increase.
  • The average blood alcohol content (BAC) for arrested drivers was .145.
  • Authorities arrested 21 percent more people on suspicion of driving under the influence of drugs (103 total) – a 21% increase from last year.
  • Deputies from Lake Havasu, Mohave County reported two boating under the influence (BUI) arrests and 10 boating safety citations.

The results from this year's Labor Day weekend DUI crackdown show that authorities throughout Arizona have made enforcing DUI laws a top priority. Although drivers arrested over the weekend can potentially face harsh penalties – including large fines, possible imprisonment, and drivers' license suspension – they will all have the opportunity to defend themselves in court and during administrative MVD hearings.

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