More Concerns Over Xarelto, Thousands of Bottles Recalled

Xarelto is a popular blood-thinner medication that in recent months has become a major cause for concern among many medical professionals, safety regulators, and consumers. Most notably, Xarelto has come under fire after it has been associated with a number of cases where patients who used Xarelto experienced severe and uncontrolled bleeding. These cases have led to many adverse reports and lawsuits being filed against Jaansen, a Johnson & Johnson company.

Concerns over Xarelto haven't ended with reports of uncontrollable bleeding. According to a recent press release from Jaansen and an Enforcement Report from the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA), thousands of bottles of Xarelto were recently recalled late last month. Jaansen officials have stated that the recall was prompted by a consumer complaint.

The FDA report confirmed that Jaansen's latest Xarelto battle comes as a result of a consumer complaint, which then led to a sample bottle of Xarelto testing positive for microbial contamination. Although only one sample tested positive, the company decided to recall the entire lot of 13,500 Xarelto bottles manufactured at the same Puerto Rico facility.

Have you been harmed by Xarelto?

As of late, Xarelto has been making headlines for adverse event reports among consumers. Most notably and most dangerously, these reports often involve cases of:

  • Uncontrollable / unstoppable bleeding
  • Injury and hospitalization
  • Subdural or internal bleeding
  • Wrongful death

Because product liability law requires pharmaceutical manufacturers to make sure their products are safe for their intended use, these same manufacturers can be held accountable when their drugs cause preventable harm. For this reason, Jaansen and Johnson & Johnson have begun to see a sharp rise in the number of lawsuits being filed by consumers who were injured after taking Xarelto.

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