Boyfriend and Girlfriend Linked to Shooting Fatality

In Phoenix, Arizona, police told news sources that they have placed a boyfriend and his girlfriend under arrest for violent crime charges. Officers in the area believe that both parties have links to a homicide that recently occurred. Believing their suspicions to be accurate, police arrested 32-year-old C.H. on murder charges. They also arrested his girlfriend, 33-year-old R.V., on charges of hindering prosecution on Friday.

On Friday, local law enforcement reached out to the public and asked for help in locating their two suspects. They believe that C.H. got into an altercation with the murder victim, 44-year-old W.G., while they were both at a friend's residence on Monday. During the fight, C.H. took out a gun and shot W.G. before fleeing with his girlfriend. W.G. later died from the gunshot prompting police to start a murder investigation. If you have been charged with murder, do not wait to get legal help from a Phoenix criminal defense lawyer as you will be in for the fight of your life. Contact the Knowles Law Firm now to enlist our assistance.

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