Man Given 22 Years for Role in Accident

The trial of one man in Phoenix, Arizona ended last week on a high note for prosecutors. D.M.B., 43, was given 22 years behind bars for taking the life of 49-year-old C.A.A during a motor vehicle crash. The car accident took place in October 2010. Eyewitness reports state that the D.M.B. appeared to have lost control of his vehicle, crossed the center divider and drove into oncoming traffic. He struck the automobile being driven by C.A.A., killing her immediately. While he initially told police that he was trying to avoid something in the road, detectives later learned the truth behind his actions.

His wife came forward and said that the two had been fighting earlier and that he had actually attempted to take his own life. A few hours later, a witness told police that D.M.B. was overheard telling his wife that the accident had been caused on purpose. He was found guilty of second degree murder this month by a jury and given the maximum sentence required by Arizona law. Hurt during a major auto accident in Arizona? Contact the Knowles Law Firm now so you have the chance to speak with a Phoenix personal injury lawyer about your case, your rights and your eligibility to file a claim for your pain and suffering.

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