College Football Player Arrested for Stealing Taco

A young man who just finished his college football career was taken into police custody last week. News sources say that the Gainesville, Florida player was arrested for stealing a $3 taco from a street vendor. According to the official police report, Erving Walker asked a street vendor for a taco and then ran away with the food in hand without paying for it. The football player continued to run even after a local police officer started to pursue him. Several more officers allegedly joined in on the mission to stop the young man and they were finally able to apprehend him.

Although he told the police that he was "playing around," Walker was charged with misdemeanor resisting an officer without violence and petty theft. This is not the first time that Walker has gotten into trouble with the law as he was charged with resisting an officer back in 2008. Although his case was deferred for the first arrest, it is uncertain what will happen with his next set of charges.

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