One Killed and Another Injured during Motorcycle Accident

This week, police reported that a motorcycle accident that took place at an intersection in the city of Phoenix left a biker dead and one passenger with serious injuries.

According to officers, the accident occurred on Sunday at approximately 4:00 AM. At the time of the incident, a woman was operating a SUV and traveling westbound when she tried to turn onto a southbound interstate. A witness told police that the woman failed to yield at a red light and instead turned directly into the pathway of the motorcyclist.

The biker attempted to slow down to avoid a collision, but he and his female passenger were ejected from his bike. Neither victims wearing a helmet when the accident took place.

Police arrived at the scene only to find that the 22-year-old biker had passed away from his injuries and that his passenger was critically injured. The passenger, who is 21, was taken to a medical facility for treatment. Officers say that she is expected to recover from her injuries.

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