$5.9 Million Award Granted in Serious Injury Case

During a volunteer trip to Mexico, a volunteer sustained brain, back and spinal cord injuries after he fell ten feet. At the time of the accident, the man was working with an organization to rebuild the roof of a church.

Due to his serious injuries, the 37-year-old victim decided to file a lawsuit in Maricopa County, Arizona and was recently awarded $5.9 million by the jury who heard his case.

According to the victim, he was working on the roof when he stepped onto a board that snapped. He then plummeted and hit a concrete floor below, which caused burst vertebrae as well as back, head and brain injuries. Following the accident, the victim underwent surgery in which it took 2 metal rods to link 5 of his vertebrae back together.

In his lawsuit, the victim said he ended up losing his business because his injuries prevented him from work. He said that he from financial hardships and physical pain as a result of the accident.

When asked about the lawsuit, the defendants in the case refused to comment on the personal injury award.

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