Serial Burglar Caught in Tempe

In Tempe, Arizona, local police finally arrested a 40-year-old man that was linked to a string of residential burglaries. The suspect was detained by police on Saturday at approximately 2:30 AM after he used a stolen credit card at a convenience store.

Once he was arrested, the suspected submitted to questioning and admitted to robbing numerous occupied residences in the Tempe area. Officers say that since June, the man has robbed at least 14 homes and that the burglaries usually took place between 1:00 AM and 6:00 AM.

Officers obtained a search warrant and went through the suspect's home. There, they found stolen property from two of the burglary sites as well as several credit cars, IDs and social security cards that did not belong to the suspect.

After gathering the evidence, police charged the man with three counts of credit card theft and four counts of burglary.

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