3 Arrested for Watch Store Robbery

The Associated Press says that two men and a woman were placed under arrest after police connected them to the armed robbery of a watch repair store in Phoenix. On Friday, officers announced that 56-year-old Mark Edward Blocksom, 42-year-old Mathew Murphy and 42-year-old Deborah Jean Fosnaught were booked into a jail in downtown Phoenix.

Investigators on the case say that two men with guns stole merchandise out of the store's display cases, tied the owner of the store up and left him on the floor. Witnesses who saw the theft time say that the men fled in a getaway car that was operated by a woman. Police were able to use descriptions from the witnesses to arrest the three suspects.

Now, the suspects are facing charges that range from armed robbery to kidnapping. If you are facing one of these charges, then please don't hesitate to contact the Knowles Law Firm. Our lead attorney is a former prosecutor and police officer so he has a unique point of view that gives him better defense strategies than his competitors.

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